Why Register Your Copyright?

UK Copyright Law deems that an original piece of work is automatically under copyright once the creator has written, designed or drawn it in some physical form, however in the event of a copyright dispute, proving exactly when copyright was established and by whom, can be difficult. It is generally accepted that the best way to establish a verifiable date of creation is to register your work with a third party such as The Script Vault (incorporating CopyrightRegistration.co.uk), who can corroborate the registration date and the name of the person who registered the work. Copyright Registration can prove invaluable in the event of copyright infringement, copyright theft or plagiarism.

Why Choose Us?

The Script Vault (incorporating CopyrightRegistration.co.uk) is the only UK Copyright Registration service to be approved by the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain. We’ve been established since 2002 and we offer the most competitive prices on the market.

Our Services

We offer a variety of Copyright Registration services to suit your needs. Single item Copyright Registration for a period of 10 years costs just £24. We also offer a 10 item Copyright Registration subscription for just £50, which could save you almost £200 on the price of individual registrations. Check out the Our Services and Prices page for more information.