Protect Your Copyright

In the event of a copyright dispute, proving exactly when copyright was established and by whom can be extremely difficult. It is generally accepted that the best way to establish a verifiable date of creation is to register your work with a third party such as The Script Vault, who can corroborate the registration date and the name of the person who registered the work. Copyright Registration can prove invaluable in the event of copyright theft or plagiarism.

The Script Vault is the only UK Copyright Registration service to be approved by the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain and listed on their website. We’ve been established since 2002 and we offer affordable prices whilst giving peace of mind that your copyright is protected.

Copyright Registration of a single item starts from just £28 and you can save money with a 10 item or an unlimited item subscription. You’ll find more information on all our services by scrolling down the page or by clicking one of the green icons below.

Online Copyright Registration

Single Item Registration – £28: This service allows you to register the Copyright on one piece of work which will be registered for a 10 year registration period.

Ten Item Copyright Registration Subscription – £50: You can save money by buying a one year Copyright Registration subscription. This will enable you to register the copyright on ten items which will be registered for a 10 year registration period. This service can also be used to register further drafts of previously registered items.

Unlimited Items Copyright Registration Subscription – 25 Year Registration Period £60: New for 2024! The Script Vault is pleased to offer an ‘Unlimited Items Registration Subscription’. This means you can register as many items as you want within a twelve month period. In addition, each item will be Copyright Registered for 25 years. This service can also be used to register further drafts of previously registered items.

Register an Updated Item – £14: You can register a further draft of a previously registered item for 50% of the current price. Your original registration will continue as before, your new registration will last for 10 years.

When you have uploaded your work to us you will receive a Copyright Registration number by email within a few minutes. Further drafts of previously registered items can be registered for 50% of our current registration price (or at no additional cost with a Copyright Registration subscription). N.B. The maximum size for an upload via our website is 10 megabytes; for larger files please email us for a quote.

You can register virtually any type of creative work at The Script Vault, including scripts, plays, synopses/outlines, pitches, log lines, TV series bibles, books, poems, songs/song lyrics, logos, manuals, databases, diagrams, sketches/paintings, audio recordings etc. You can also register further drafts/newer versions of your work, which will maintain the original registration and create a new registration for the update.

Paypal account holders can spread the cost over three months completely interest-free with no set up fees or charges, simply choose ‘Pay in 3’ at checkout.