Writers normally only get one shot at interesting a company or producer with a script so it’s essential that when the script is sent it’s as good as it can possibly be. It’s always good to get another ‘pair of eyes’ to look at your work, as sometimes someone else can spot a problem the writer may have missed. 

Our script reading and appraisal service aims to match up writers with people from the industry whose comments and advice will hopefully guide the writer to produce a better rewrite. Our script readers are either university/college lecturers or professional writers with numerous writing credits and/or qualifications, several of our readers also read scripts for TV companies and theatres.

The length of the reader’s report will usually be 2-3 pages for a short script and 3-4 pages for a full length script. If you have selected our ‘in-depth’ script reading facility, a report will usually be approximately 6 pages in length. (Please bear in mind that script report sizes may vary as scripts differ tremendously in style and substance and some require more feedback than others).

Please select which service you would like (see below for details) then click the appropriate icon. You will then be able to upload your item to us and make the appropriate payment. We aim to read scripts and send out appraisal reports within 4 weeks.

Script Reading and Appraisal – up to 125 pages: £70

This service is our most popular and is suitable for full-length stage/radio plays, screenplays or episodes of TV series/serials.

Short Script Reading and Appraisal – up to 30 pages: £40

This service is suitable for short screenplays, stage/radio plays, TV sitcom episodes and TV soap episodes.

In-depth Script Reading and Appraisal – up to 125 pages: £100

Our in-depth service is suitable for those who require greater coverage. The reader will analyse the script scene by scene and the report will usually be around six pages in length. If you’d like the in-depth service please email us using the ‘Contact Us’ link below after submitting your script with brief details of any specific appraisal requirements.

If your script exceeds the maximum page length please email us using the ‘Contact Us’ link below and we will be happy to quote for the additional pages.